How To Use

Place your choice of our soy wax melt/chunk, in the top of the melt warmer (DO NOT ADD WATER!)

If using a traditional wax burner, light a tea light candle in the base of the melt warmer and allow the wax to melt.

As the wax begins to melt the fragrance will fill the room.

NEVER leave a burning candle unattended and keep lit candles out of the reach of children and pets at all times.

Melt burners and the scented wax melts should NOT be burned for more than four hours at a time.

DO NOT touch the melt warmer whilst in use, as it will be hot!! Allow to cool before handling!

As the soy wax cools down, it will solidify again AND can be reused until the all the fragrance scent has completely gone.

Unlike a candle, the soy wax will not melt away or evaporate! It is the fragrance that eventually wears off.

Once you stop smelling the scent or it weakens, you can either add another melt to boost the fragrance or wait for the wax to set.., clean out the well/dish.., dry and replace with fresh melts.

Our wax melts are suitable for both traditional and electric wax burners.